Furniture Gallery

Welcome to the furniture gallery.  Here you will find a few of the pieces that have been produced in my shop in the last 25 years.

Walnut Burl Cabinet
These cabinets were made for displaying large books on top and also have storage for more in the bottom. The interesting part of this project was to engineer the boxes to be strong enough to hold the weight of the books, be supported by the brass rods, and to have no visible joints. A pair of these were constructed.
Cherry Desk
An early writing desk built in 1984.  It was built for a woodworking show but unfortunately, or fortunately, was not sold and has become a household fixture.  The cherry has aged beautifully.

Maple Table
This table seats ten comfortably when extended.  The table was finished to match the set of antique chairs in the pictures.
Assorted Boxes
A group of assorted boxes.  The long ones are bent wood while the round ones are segmented.  Roughly forty of the round ones were made and sold as Christmas gifts.
Billiard Room Cabinet
An Arts and Crafts style entertainment cabinet built for a billiard room.  Quartersawn white oak was used but was stained to darken it's appearance.
Ash Jewelry Box
This small jewelry box is one of a run of four similar ones.  Ash veneer on the outside and curly maple veneer on the inside, both from firewood stock.  The earrings were a fun addition.

Centered Desk
Without the legs on the outside of this desk the two halves appear to be trying to lean away from the center. The solid maple construction makes the desk heavy enough so it does not "tip" without the exterior legs. The leather center makes this a nice writing desk.
Cherry and Elm Wall Cabinet
An unusual book matched elm panel makes this an eye catching cabinet.  The whole piece is an exercise in symmetry as all parts are bookmatched.
Adjustable Piano Stool
This infinitely adjustable stool was made for piano students who couldn't reach the floor.  Just turn the crank for the not so tall and extremely small, one size fits all.
Storage Cases
Two of these storage cabinets were made, one for each side of a fireplace.  The curved legs and door pieces were meant to alleviate some of the square bulkiness of the cases.

Sarcophagus Jewelry Box
 While morbidly named this box has always seemed to resemble a sarcophagus. The top of this box was actually quite tricky to produce since the veneer had to bend in two different directions.
Twisted Jewelry Box
Hopefully this box is aptly named, while subtle, the box definitely appears "twisted". The interior, as well as the interior of the Sarcophagus box, is rescued firewood that happened to be curly.
Open Frame Dresser
Several of these dressers were made, two with four drawers and this one with only three. The idea was to have open ends so the drawers could be the main focus of the piece. The inlay was an afterthought but seems to work on this dresser.
Entertainment Center
Nine feet high and over 13 feet wide, this cabinet does it all.  Storage behind doors, in drawers, on adjustable shelves, plus custom space for electronics.  All in gorgeous black cherry.
Butternut Blanket Chest
This is a first time experiment in using end grain veneer(two central panels).  Interesting designs are possible in many applications.  The chest has an aromatic red cedar bottom.
Cherry Dining Table
This table was a wedding gift. While sitting more than four is slightly cramped, it is a perfect intimate setting for a small family.
Music Stand
A gift for a French Horn student. The drawer is perfect for storing sheet music and other necessities. The rack collapses down for storage and the casework removes from the base for easier transport.
T and E's Cradle
This cradle was built for a first grandson. The slats were steam bent and attached using copper rivets. The cradle can swing freely, be locked in place, or be completely removed from the base. This was a pretty interesting and fulfilling project.

Antler Chess Board
While hiking this antler was found by a curious seven year old who also liked to play checkers. The antler when combined with one wooden leg became the perfect foundation for a checker board.
Fireplace Mantle
A juxtapositioning of cherry and curly maple.  Probably my favorite combination of woods.

Jewelry Tower
A graduation gift, this jewelry case was designed to limit its footprint, while keeping its holding capacity. The doors are hung with piano hinges and magnets imbedded in the doors hold them closed.
Tie Rack
A decorative yet functional tie rack.  The brass pins follow the grain pattern of the bookmatched cherry.  I don't get many requests for these, not sure why as this seems like a very creative way to hangs ties.